Friday, November 20, 2009

Computer repaired

Finally got my computer repaired! Everything will be back to normal finally!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Report Card Day

Went back to school and took report card. Got good comments from Cik Diana and Pn Nurul.

Failed to go to class trip. SAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!

Preparing to go to Cameron Highland tomorrow, such a bored to go there again, I had nth to do there, but I guess I will finish reading Brisingr there.

My aunt saw my report card and gave me some money. Out of my expectations and imaginations, she gave me RM150! It's a big amount of money.

Final Fantasy VIII

Back to FINAL FANTASY VIII!!! It's already about 4 years since last I played it.

Found quite interesting after re-playing that. But the discs were quite old and always the PS1 always hang, got fed-up and kept slapping the machine when it black out.

Turned mad when I was doing the Queen of Cards Quest....FIASCO!

Finally finished reading The Hobbit after preparations of exams.

The last day of Form2 AGAIN!!!!

Sports Carnival 2009 ends at today also. Football's champion was 2Omega, 2nd was 2Alpha while 3rd was 2Lambda. Basketball was piece of cake for Theng Han, Wei Aun, Leon and Jie Yao. Amir and Jie Yao were selling their medals...

Jie Yao finally returned my whole set of Star Wars movies. He said the movie was sort of boring,DUH! Leon returned my Eragon and Eldest, but he only read Eragon for the first 3 chapters.

Whole class skipped Art Class, but Pn Ida Lina didn't mind nor care for that, Chee Ming, Ryan and Bryan came in our class....for the cooler and colder air I guess, coz ater Sports Carnival.

Sort of bored at the last period, challenged John in Speed, but I lost. Duh, this is my 5th game in my whole life.

The last week of 2009 in school was BORING in our class!

The last day of Form2

Finally got to my blog again.

Today is the last day of Form 2. And I just got my position this morning, gt number 19....quite sad.
However, hope next year all of the 2Gamma's can stay at the same class.

Let's face the DOOM next year! Hope have straight A's in PMR next year :D


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, 22nd of October

Having Taboo at Science today. Went mad when guessing riddles such as DNA, biodiversity etc. But we still have a tie. =p

Having Art exam today. Ieuan Teh was keep complaining about the difficulties of the exam:

"Cikgu, sangat susah la." Until teacher went fed-up.

I painted the paper wholly black except the road and the hill-top( some buildings with lights), Ieuan keep saying 'this is a piece of shit and where is the 'pemandangan yang indah'?... But since it was not completed yet, so I just ignored it.

Leon helped Monkey to write his name(JJ) on his butt with water and brush. Everyone laughed like madmen and women.

Around 9, got some conversation with Chee Ming, about some stuffs you would not wish to know (it's too awful)!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My favourite topic

Frodo Baggins

Aragorn / Strider

Samwise Gamgee

Gandalf Greyheme

Smeagol :) he rox!

Legolas, the elf

Lady Galadriel, the Lady of Lorien

Merry Brandybuck

Peregrin Took

Arwen, the Princess of Elves and Rivendell

Elrond, the Lord of Elves and Rivendell

Eowyn, the Lady of Rohan and the Slayer of Nazgul

Gimli, the dwarf

Bilbo Baggins



Denethor, the steward of Minas Tirith

Theoden, the King of Rohan

Sauron the Great Eye

Saruman the White